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Pumped G

The Future G of Web3


The Story

Once upon a time, a true representative of people who love to go to the gym, enjoy life to it’s fullest, listen to the best music and are all about positive vibes, has been born!
He is:


The future G of the Metaverse. The real life superhero of Web3.

HE is the first of it’s kind, but NOT the last. Join our community and enjoy the long ride!


Contribute to a great Cause

Giving back is just too important to be overlooked. This is why we are dedicating a portion of the project revenue towards supporting future generations and preservation of nature. Real life events will be held, in which all NFT holders will be welcomed to take part.

pictogram-change lives icon

Change Lives!

Supporting orphan kids with everlasting memories and further education.

Planting tree pictogram

One mint - one tree

We are planting a tree after every minted collectible

Official Partners

Check out the G-Hub!

The Team

Members of this team are not settling with mediocre results, we are aiming for excellence in everything we do. Our top priorities are to create value and explosive holder experience, in the finest quality possible.

Individuals on this team are outstanding professionals in their own field, although, talent only wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships.

Pumped Gabo


Instagram logoTwitter logo

Erik Varsanyi


Instagram logoTwitter logo

Zsolt Hegedus

Creative Director

Daniel Jano, DR.

Head Of Education, Consultant

Mihaly Mankovics

Community Manager

Anton Grebenkin

3D Designer


Branding & Website


Branding & Website


3D Designer


Head Mod & Security




3D Development


3D Development


Head of 3D development


Hop on the G-Wagon and enjoy the ride!
Initial benefits for G-Holders.

Perhaps there is even more…

V.2 free claim

Free claim for version 2 (metaverse compatible avatars)

Chili Fitness Budapest

15% Discount on passes and consumption in all facilities

Workout supplement discounts

5-10% off of everything on our website (available in the EU at first)

Balaton Sound Festival

Festival passes on a 10% discount for one of the largest festivals in Europe

World Is Mine Hungary

Major discounts on festival and party passes for Pumped G holders

Workout roadshows

Community workout sessions

Munch Hungary

5-10% discount for holders on Munch.hu

Private events

Exclusive parties specifically for NFT holders

Stops along the way

Hop on the G-Wagon and enjoy the ride!

A few examples of what's coming:

2023 April


V.1 3D Collectibles: Highly detailed 3D characters ”Move around” 3D format, for a truly immersive experience.

2023 Q2

Workout supplement brand rollout

Special holder's discount for proteins and other workout supplements (available in the EU only at first)

2023 Q2


Access pass to exclusive holder’s perks.



Metaverse takeover

Metaverse compatible V.2 3D avatar drop. (Free claim for V.1 holders)

Ecosystem expansion

Delivering new, exciting and meaningful web3 and real life projects.

Pumped G wireframe 3D character left


Pumped G wireframe 3D character right

Join the G-Cord!

Come hang out with real Gs

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Pumped G horizontal logo